Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Investing in a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony will produce ongoing dividends that greatly enrich your marriage! It will bring back the thrill of your wedding day as you reaffirm loving words of passion and commitment. You may repeat your original vows or write new ones that hold fresh meaning in your journey of love. These are the words that echo in your spouse’s mind and heart, even when you are apart. A Renewal Ceremony gives your marriage security and focus as you look forward to realizing shared hopes and dreams. It gives you an opportunity to express appreciation to your children and others who have supported your marriage, and receive meaningful words of affirmation from them.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies have become popular for many reasons: to celebrate an anniversary, to include children or parents in the ceremony, to celebrate with a larger circle of family and friends if the original ceremony was an elopement or destination wedding, to replace memories of a disappointing wedding day, to reaffirm your commitment when facing deployment or an extended time apart, or to celebrate making it through a difficult time of illness, relationship challenge or financial crisis. Any time is a good time for a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony!

Calgary and the surrounding area have an abundance of indoor ceremony venues and outdoor areas with breathtaking scenery in every season! I would love to work with you to create a personal and meaningful ceremony! Let’s Talk!